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Ana's photo session is a celebration of a time and moment in life.

Her exclusive custom services, high quality images and pristine attention to details make to each family she works with, an unforgettable experience.

Ana is not an average portrait family photographer.

She is a visual story teller.

The beauty of unique connections is translated in honest, deep and meaningful images.

Each photo is a visual poem which translates the specificity of a family.

Ana limits the amount of clients she sees every year so booking in advance is advisable.

She is very proud to offer three different kind of photo sessions:

Celebrating the New, Celebrating Life's Special Moments and Essence.

In order to build a unique narrative for each family, a meeting prior to each session is essential. It is how she understands each client's priorities, budget but most importantly the crucial elements that will make each image unique as each family she works with.

After the session takes place, each image is artistically edited and a gallery is presented. Products are custom designed to each family. Ana prouds herself to offer the best fine art prints and frames so the story of each family can be beautifully displayed making the home a special place to be.

Photo session fee is 150.00 (one hundred and fifty pounds) and it is payable at the pre consultation.

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